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  Journal Papers
“A geometric approach to robotic laundry folding”
Stephen Miller, Jur van den Berg, Mario Fritz,
Trevor Darrell, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel
International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), December 2011
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Brief: Vision and planning pipelines for a laundry folding robot
  Refereed Conference Papers
“Elastic Fragments for Dense Scene Reconstruction”
Qian-Yi Zhou, Stephen Miller, Vladlen Koltun
ICCV 2013, Sydney, Australia
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Brief: 3D models from Kinect data, by bending clouds until they snap together.
Oral Acceptance.
“Unsupervised extrinsic calibration of depth sensors in dynamic scenes”
Stephen Miller, Alex Teichman, Sebastian Thrun
IROS 2013, Tokyo, Japan
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Brief: Calibrate multiple kinects together by watching people move
“Free Your Camera: 3D Indoor Scene Understanding
from Arbitrary Camera Motion”
Axel Furlan, Stephen Miller, Domenico G. Sorrenti,
Li Fei-Fei, Silvio Savarese
BMVC 2013, Bristol, United Kingdom
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Brief: 3D room blueprints from a cellphone camera
“Unsupervised intrinsic calibration of depth sensors via SLAM”
Alex Teichman, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Thrun
RSS 2013, Berlin, Germany
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Brief: Undistort Kinect depth maps by walking around a room
“Object Discovery in 3D Scenes via Shape Analysis”
Andrej Karpathy, Stephen Miller, Li Fei-Fei
ICRA 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Brief: Build object models from unlabeled KinectFusion scans
“A Textured Object Recognition Pipeline for Color and Depth Image Data”
Jie Tang, Stephen Miller, Arjun Singh, Pieter Abbeel
ICRA 2012, St Paul, MN, USA
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Brief: Instance- and pose- recognition from kinect scans.
Finalist for Best Robotic Vision Award (ICRA 2012)
“Perception for the Manipulation of Socks”
Ping Chuan Wang, Stephen Miller, Mario Fritz,
Trevor Darrell, Pieter Abbeel
IROS 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA
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Brief: Vision methods which let a robot pair and fold socks
“Parametrized Shape Models for Clothing”
Stephen Miller, Mario Fritz, Trevor Darrell, Pieter Abbeel
ICRA 2011, Shanghai, China
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Brief: Perception tools which help a robot fold laundry
“Bringing Clothing into Desired Configurations with Limited Perception”
Marco Cusumano-Towner, Arjun Singh, Stephen Miller,
James F. O’Brien, Pieter Abbeel
ICRA 2011, Shanghai, China
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Brief: Active perception approach for spreading out crumpled clothes
“Gravity-Based Robotic Cloth Folding”
Jur van den Berg, Stephen Miller, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel
WAFR 2010, Singapore
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Brief: Laundry folding pipeline, minus perception
“Superhuman Performance of Surgical Tasks by Robots using Iterative Learning from Human-Guided Demonstrations”
Jur van den Berg, Stephen Miller, Daniel Duckworth, Humphrey Hu,
Andrew Wan, Xiao-Yu Fu, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel
ICRA 2010, Anchorage, AL, USA
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Brief: Surgical robot learns to tie knots by watching people do it.
Winner of the Best Medical Robotics Paper Award (ICRA 2010), and Longest Title Award (Citation Needed).
  Refereed Workshop Papers
“Word-level Acoustic Modeling with Convolutional Vector Regression”
Andrew Maas, Stephen Miller, Tyler O’Neil, Andrew Ng, Patrick Nguyen
ICML 2012 Workshop on Representation Learning, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Brief: Trained a conv net for speech-to-text translation