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I’m a cofounder and SVP of Engineering at Fyusion, inc. Prior to founding Fyusion, I was a PhD student at Stanford University studying Computer Science. I’m interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, though my heart will always be in Robotics. In my grad life I focused on RGB-D perception; mainly on how to get meaningful information out of cheap, Kinect-like sensors. Take a look at my Projects page for more information.

At Stanford, I worked with Sebastian Thrun and Vladlen Koltun, though you might also catch me pushing to the Point Cloud Library and other Open Perception-affiliated projects. In my undergrad life at Berkeley, I worked on personal robotics with Pieter Abbeel: laundry folding, surgical knot tying, angering senators, and occasionally going viral for reasons I shouldn’t put on my CV. I’m a Google Hertz Fellow, an SAP Stanford Graduate Fellow, and an NSF Fellow.

When not working with robots, I like to pass the time by reviewing movies and arguing about them on The Spoiler Warning Podcast. I’m also a fan of beer, scotch, coffee, sushi, dark comedy, David Foster Wallace, and most other things which define a snob. But I’m not a snob, I promise. Oh, and I love to travel. Okay, maybe I’m a little bit of a snob.

Feel free to contact me at stephen __at__ If you don’t hear back from me within a day or two, you should try again; I’m absentminded, but I almost always cave in to harassment.