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Review: 300 Rise of an Empire

I’ll grant that “300: Rise of an Empire” wasn’t a great movie. It wasn’t even a particularly good movie. And I’ll be the first to admit that its hypersexualized-repressed-male-fantasy-violence-porn style, mind-numbing misogyny, and excessive CG blood represents pretty much everything wrong with our culture.

Waiting for a “but”? You won’t find one from me. This was a terrible movie — a “guilty pleasure” flick that didn’t even manage to be guiltily pleasurable — which I hated so much that it retroactively made me dislike the original. But I had fun talking about it. Listen for our fleshed out opinions of this awful flick, or at least the derailed conversation about Orlando Bloom, Gyros vs Euros, and Spyro the Dragon in the final 10 minutes to get a feel for the mood it put us all in.

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