Stephen David Miller

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Movie Reviews: Intro

Since about 2008, I’ve been an (infrequent) contributor to my friend’s movie review podcast, The Spoiler Warning. Usually two or three times a year, around the holidays, I’d come in and weigh in on the latest Oscar bait film, or end of the year recaps.

Around the start of this year, that infrequent contribution turned into a weekly thing, aided by the magic of Skype. It’s been a ton of fun, and I encourage everyone to check it out — despite the name, there are no spoilers unless we explicitly warn about them first.

Along with the recordings, I also started posting 1-2 paragraph Facebook teasers for the episodes. Since it takes way more effort to listen to a 45 minute podcast than it does to read 8 sentences, those reviews have taken a life of their own. Sometimes they’re phoned in, but there are a few that I’m actually proud of. And thanks to the unknown algorithm Facebook uses to decide what posts will survive, it’s nearly impossible to just browse through them in a readable format. So I decided I’d start cataloging them here — starting in January and working my way up.

I think I’ll let each one be a unique post, categorized under “Review”, with an image and link to the podcast. Hopefully someone, somewhere, enjoys it!